A London Food Adventure! 2 Days, 8 Healthy Spots

I finished my masters degree in Manchester at the end of September last year, and this July we had our graduation! My whole family (my parents and my brother) were coming over, and to make a trip of it we decided to take a few days on London on the way. If you know me or follow my youtube channel, you know that finding new healthy food places is one of my favorite things. I have so many stars saved all over London on my google maps so when we decided we were going I started planning every meal I would have while we were there so that I could visit as many of those places as possible. Am I crazy? Maybe just a little, but that's okay! It definitely gave me plenty of amazing food experiences :) As we were only there for a little less than two days, I worked out that I would be able to have two lunches, one breakfast and two dinners. I decided to have dinners with my family as they were not too keen on being dragged all over the city just for some food. So that left me with three meals open. Not that much, I agree, but I really do feel that I was able to make the most of them!

Amongst all of my saved stars on google maps I also have quite a few stores selling healthy and organic items, so of course I had to try to factor those into the equation as well. The main ones I wanted to visit were Planet Organic and Whole Foods, and the Selfridges food hall if I had time. I managed to get to all of them, so overall I would say that it was a very successful trip! Here are my thoughts on the places I went to:

Farm Girl is an independent cafe on Portobello road, and it is inspired by the cafes in Australia. You walk into the cutest little yard, where they have both indoor and outdoor seating. And their menu is so great. They have both breakfast options like smoothie bowls, granola, eggs ++, and they also have a ton of lunch options, drinks and sweet treats all made form good ingredients. My mum and I went there for breakfast, so I had a pitaya (or dragon fruit bowl) and a rosewater latte with almond milk and my mum had a bowl of granola with yogurt and berries, and this golden liquid drink with turmeric, ginger lime and a bunch of other amazing ingredients. This is honestly one of my top favorite food places of all time, I highly recommend it!!

The next one is The Mae Deli, founded by deliciously Ella and her husband. As they are more of a deli style they have a lot of premade dishes that you can choose from, and also breakfast options, smoothies, juices and sweet treats as well. One of their meal options is that you choose four of the remade dishes so I had a quinoa one, a sweet potato one, some amazing guacamole and sweet potato falafels. I also ordered a green smoothie which was such a dream, and a signature cake. Everything was really tasty, but the smoothie was probably my favorite.

Then I went to Farmacy in Notting hill which is another favorite. The place was just so beautifully put together. It is a pretty new vegetarian place and I’m so happy I managed to go. Again, they have such an amazing array of dishes: breakfasts, lunches and dinners, sweets, drinks, health shots and more. I had a middle eastern super bowl which was just so wonderful with a ton of elements to it, and I also had a lemonade with was amazing as well. This is definitely another place that I will come back to next time I’m in London, and I highly recommend it!

A place that I had planned to go to was 26 grains, but unfortunately they actually closed for the summer two days before I got there. Such a bummer! But they open again in September, so if you get the chance to go they have the most amazing and delicious porridge selection!!! And their location in the middle of Neal’s yard is so cute too!

The final food place I went to was La Gelateria. This one is not particularly healthy, but I wanted to mention it as they have some amazing vegan ice cream there. It is in the covent garden area and is definitely worth a visit if you’re an ice cream lover like me! I got the pistachio gelato and it was so yummy!

The first shop I went to was Planet Organic. They have 7 different locations throughout London, and is such a great stop if you’re into healthy food. They focus on organic, natural and sustainable products and they sell most things you would find in a normal grocery store, just healthier versions. It is definitely a bit more expensive than a regular grocery store, but so worth it in my opinion! And they have fresh items and a juice bar too. I got an amazing green juice with pear, cucumber, kale, parsley and lemon, and I would say that it is probably the best fresh juice I've ever had!

Then we have Whole Foods, one of my favorite places ever!! It is a bit similar to Planet Organic, but so big. The store that I went to on Kensington High Street was two floors and pretty much pure heaven! They also have four other stores in the london area, so you should be able to find one close to you. I don’t even know where to begin with this store, they have so much stuff! Everything from juices, spices, beans and grains, fresh foods, premade foods, dried goods, supplements, vitamins, superfoods, natural beauty products to a food bar, books, a deli area, literally everything you could want! I found that some of the prices were actually slightly cheaper than Planet Organic, but I only checked a couple, so it might be the other way around with other products.

As I mentioned, I also managed to get to the Selfridges food hall, which was my last spot. It has a ton more than just healthy food, but they have a good selection of that as well! They have some great things in the refrigerated area and also an entire isle of health foods too. They also have a press juice bar, fresh produce and it is just a really fun place to have a look around in!

So those were the places that I managed to get to! I filmed a video showing all of them, and I also filmed another video with all of the food and health stuff that I picked up while I was there so I'll leave those at the end of this post.

First I would like to mention some honorary places though, that I didn't get to go to this time around, but that I've been to before and really liked. The first one is The Detox Kitchen. They have a really great selection of healthy food, and is another amazing place to eat of you’re close to any of their two locations. Another great one is The Good Life Eatery. I'm pretty sure they have a few different locations now as well, and their food is so good and so good for you!

I also have a few (read 100) other places still on the list, ready for the next time I'm in the area. They are: Mildreds, NAMA Raw Food, Tanya's Cafe, Wild Food Cafe, Ethos, Roots Juicery, Yorica! and Honey & Co. So I definitely think I have some yummy times ahead! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions, the list can never get too long! :)



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